3 Illuminating Ideas To Handle Termite Swarms


Spring is the time of year when Formosan Termites take flight in “swarms” and seem to own the airspace in your neighborhood and more terrifying – around your home. These swarms are out to breed, spreading the colony, and finding a new home – you’re home. BugMaster has three straightforward and cost-effective ways to keep the termite swarms at bay.

3 Ways To Keep Termite Swarms Away From Your Home

1.  Turn off flood lights and porch lights.
Termite swarms are attracted to lights on your home at night. If you do not have company coming over and security issues are not a problem then turn off the lights located on your house.


2. Close house window drapes and blinds
The home interior lights through those beautiful bay windows are just as alluring to Formosan Termite swarms as the lights on the outside of the home. Blinds and drapes are great for privacy and keeping the termites away from your home.


3. Use a clip-on work light in the backyard.
Away from your home – add a work light to a high tree limb in a tree. The termites will be drawn away from your home and make their new home away from yours.

One last thing, homeowners, should manage and eliminate any moisture around, on or under the wood house. Termites need moisture to thrive and create a new colony.

Formosan Termite swarms are a part of our eco-system, and they can be alarming to see around your home and property. Seeing a swarm does not mean you have a termite infestation feeding on your home, but it is a good idea to call BugMaster (a Sentricon Certified Specialists) to inspect your home for any damage or possible termite issues.

The BugMaster Sentricon Certified Termite Specialists can inspect, monitor and help you keep your home protected. If you see termite swarms or rodents, give us a call at the Mobile location, 251-666-4402 or the Daphne location, 251-626-6667.

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BugMaster – More Than Bugs – TV Spot

TV spot (2016) for BugMaster
Voice-over talent: Shelby Mitchell – @ShelbyRadioChic

By name you know BugMaster as the pros in pest control, but did you know they also offer wild life removal? Our pros examine your home at the first sight or sound of an unwelcomed critter. BugMaster also offers tap installation. When adding tap to your existing attic insulation, you get the added benefit of pest protection, plus lowering your energy cost.

Visit BugMaster.com today for a full list of services or call 666-4402. BugMaster, the bug stops here.

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Serve It Up With Love – Tennis Tournament


A Tournament Where We All Win

BugMaster is proud to be the sponsor of the 11th Annual Serve It Up With Love Tennis Tournament. We encourage you to come out and play, or just come to watch and support this exciting event in our community. Benefiting the Child Advocacy Center of Mobile (CAC) to fund services in aiding abused children in the Mobile and Baldwin County area, this highly-competitive tournament was named the Charity Event of the Year by USTA Alabama in 2012. We hope to see you in the crowd or on the court for this great cause!

When: Thursday, April 14th – Saturday, April 16th – 2016
Where: Copeland-Cox Tennis Center
851 Gaillard Dr, Mobile, AL 36608
For a map and directions, click here.

Registration (Entry Deadline is April 13th):

The Ladies Tournament is played in a Team Format, with four courts of doubles. Sign up for a team of 8-10 players. Cost is $35 per player. Cost includes a Favor, Goody Bag, Breakfast and Lunch.  Check in is at 8 am and play begins promptly at 9am. Play ends at 12pm with lunch served immediately following.  During lunch, awards will be distributed, and raffles will be drawn.

• Women’s Tournament Registration & Information: Click here

The Men’s Tournament is played in a Combo Team Format, with three courts of doubles.  Sign up for a team of 6 – 8 players.  Cost is $35 per player which includes a Favor, Goody Bag, Breakfast and Lunch.  Check in is at 8am and play begins promptly at 9am.  Play ends at 12pm with lunch served immediately following.  During lunch, awards will be distributed, and raffles will be drawn.

• Men’s Tournament Registration & Information
: Click here

This USTA Sanctioned event is a Boys and Girls Singles event.  The age brackets are as follows:  8 & 10 (Quick Start) and 12–14–16-18.  You may enter one event only – First Round Consolation.  The play is an Eight Game Pro Set with no ad scoring.  This is a full-day tournament.  Cost is $35 per player.  This includes a Favor, Goody Bag, Lunch and Breakfast.  Check in is at 7:30am and play begins promptly at 8:30am. Wintzell’s Oyster House will be providing lunch for purchase for the family and friends of the players this year!

• Junior Tournament Registration & Information: Click here

For more information, please visit:

Show your support and get updates by liking the Serve it Up With Love Facebook Page.

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TAP Insulation – Pest and Power Bill Control


TAP Pest Control Insulation is a recycled paper, borate-based home product that, not only keeps your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer (than any competitor’s product), but also helps protect your home and family from unwanted bugs, pests, and nuisance wildlife. TAP Insulation is one of the most effective ways to keep your home pest-free, and homeowners have reported that it has saved them up to 30% on their annual energy bills.

Save On Home Energy Bills
In the world of insulation, the resistance value (or r-value) is measured by the amount of heat that insulation releases out of your house. The r-value of TAP is extremely high, meaning that little-to-no heat is released from your house. The small paper fibers of which TAP is made create air pockets, making it difficult for heat or cold air to escape from inside your home, thus keeping your home warmer when you’re running your heater and cooler when you’re running your air conditioner.


Pest & Wildlife Control
TAP uses a borate-based product to eliminate bugs and unwanted animals in the home and attic. This product is lethal to bugs and pests, but is completely harmless to humans and household pets. TAP Insulation traps common household bugs and exterminates them before they get a chance to enter your home. Plus, it drives out unwanted animals if they do manage to get into your attic or home.

A Quieter (and more peaceful) Home
Similar to how TAP prevents heat or cold air from escaping your home, it also works to control the volume of outside noise that enters your home. Depending on the r-value of insulation that your home requires, TAP may be able to reduce outside noises.

Backed by a lifetime warranty, TAP Pest Control Insulation is a superior insulation product that guards against mold and mildew, offers excellent acoustical control and fire resistance with year-round energy savings, while providing permanent pest protection.

If you’d like to schedule an appointment, get an estimate, or need more information about TAP Pest Control Insulation or any other BugMaster service, visit bugmaster.com or call our Mobile, AL location at 251-666-4402 or our Daphne location at 251-626-6667.

BugMaster is Mobile, Alabama’s only TAP Pest Control Insulation Provider and Dealer.

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Downtown Cajun Cook-Off Benefiting the CAC


On March 19, spice up your weekend and head to Cathedral Square for the Downtown Cajun Cook-Off, benefiting the Child Advocacy Center of Mobile (CAC)! While filling your stomach with gumbo, étouffée, crawfish pies, boudin balls, jambalaya, and the likes, you can also help local children who are victims of abuse.

The 2nd Annual Downtown Cajun Cook-Off is generously presented by Cunningham Bounds, LLC, and the BugMaster team is a proud supporter of this event. Last year was the Downtown Cajun Cook-Off’s first year and was extremely successful — it won two Nappies for 2015: the Best Annual Fundraising Event and the Best Annual Food Event or Cook-Off.

With over 20 local restaurants participating in this year’s cook-off, you don’t want to miss this prime-time seafood season event. Not only will there be delicious Cajun food to sample, but local artisans and performers will also be at Cathedral Square to fill your soul as you fill your stomach. Once you sample all the delicious food, stick around for the announcement of the winner of the cook-off!

Saturday, March 19
10:00 am – 2:00 pm

Cathedral Square
Downtown Mobile, Alabama

Tickets & Donations:
Tickets will be available for $13 in advance at http://www.cacmobile.org/buynow.shtml.

Tickets will be $15 on the day of the event.

Tickets are $10 at the following locations:

Child Advocacy Center
1351 Springhill Ave. – Mobile, AL

Mellow Mushroom
5660 Old Shell Road – Mobile, AL
2032 Airport Boulevard – Mobile, AL

619 Azalea Rd – Mobile, AL
2520 US Hwy 98 – Daphne, AL

If you would like to become involved as a sponsor or on the committee, please email ehenderson@cacmobile.org or call Elaine Henderson at 251-432-1101.

Like the Downtown Cajun Cook-Off’s official Facebook page here to stay posted on the latest announcements. Invite your friends to like it too so all can enjoy this must-attend event!


For more information, call 251.666.4402 or visit BugMaster.com

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Keep the Warmth In and the Pests Out


As you crank up the heater this winter, you could be inviting some unwanted guests into your cozy home. These pests could take advantage of your heat and cause more serious problems in your house. Follow these quick tips from BugMaster to prevent these pests from invading your home this winter.


House Mice
House mice are the most commonly-encountered rodents and can cause serious damage by chewing drywall and wires. They can also contaminate food and spread diseases!

Quick tip: Check dark, quiet areas (like attics or basements) for house mice. Keep these areas clear of clutter that house mice use as their cozy homes.


Norway Rats
Norway rats are notorious for gnawing through anything and everything, even lead pipes, to find food and water. Like their house mice friends, Norway rats nuzzle into piles of debris in quiet basements and attics.

Quick tip: Inspect the exterior of your home for openings as small as a quarter. Norway rats can invade your home through even this small of an opening.


Bed Bugs
Bed bugs are tiny insects that survive by eating the blood of humans and animals. You can find bedbugs in clothing, luggage, airplanes, sofas, and of course, beds.

Quick tip: There are not many effective DIY methods to remove bedbugs. But, to prevent them, be sure to inspect beds and furniture for signs of these pests, including live or dead bugs and drops of dried blood.


With the possibility of over 350 species of spiders in any one region of the country, there’s a high chance that some spiders will find their way into your home. Most spiders are harmless to humans, but they are a nuisance if one surprises you in the kitchen or bathroom!

Quick tip: Cut tree limbs and shrubbery so that they are not hanging over or close to your house. This will reduce the chances of spiders finding a way inside.


Firewood Pests
Along with the warmth of a wood-burning fireplace comes the possibility of ants and termites that nestle in firewood and can cause extensive damage to your home.

Quick tip: Do not store firewood inside. Rather, keep it outside and away from your home. When you bring in the firewood, burn it immediately in order to reduce the risk of pests crawling into other areas of your home.


Overwintering Pests
Ladybugs, beetles, stink bugs, and box elders like to enter your home in the beginning of winter and settle down for the chilly season. They are mostly harmless, but they are still a nuisance.

Quick tip: Seal door and window cracks completely to prevent these pests from hibernating in your home. You can also use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of them.


If you have some unwanted guests that you can’t kick out with these quick tips, call BugMaster to help you show them the door! During these chilly months, you’ll want to keep the warmth inside the house and the pests outside — where they belong.

For more information or questions about our services and products, visit bugmaster.com or call our Mobile, AL location at 251-666-4402 or our Daphne location at 251-626-6667.

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The Great Toy Drive and BugMaster Spread Christmas Cheer


‘Tis the season for gift-giving, and here at BugMaster we love to ensure that all children have a merry and bright Christmas! For the fifth year, we are partnering with WKRG News 5 to help sponsor The Great Toy Drive. What better way to put smiles on kids’ faces other than giving them toys for Christmas?

The toys collected by The Great Toy Drive are distributed through the Salvation Army and Toys for Tots to families as well as other charitable organizations throughout the Gulf Coast. The toys are carefully placed in the hands of those truly in need.

There’s a way for everyone to spread the Christmas spirit this year. Organizations, schools, businesses, families, and individuals can participate by bringing new, unwrapped toys to both BugMaster locations, WKRG, or any of the other drop-off locations. The final date to drop off toys to the BugMaster locations is Thursday, December 17. The BugMaster drop-off locations are:

619 Azalea Rd
Mobile, AL 36609

2520 US Hwy 98
Daphne, AL 36526

Participating in The Great Toy Drive is a fun family or team project with great benefits for the Gulf Coast’s less-fortunate children. Join BugMaster and the WKRG News 5 Toy Team to spread some happy smiles this holiday season. To see The Great Toy Drive in action at the Wind Creek drop-off location and to learn more about the difference you can make, check out the Wind Creek Toy Cam here.


For more information, call 251.666.4402 or visit BugMaster.com

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