Your Eating Bugs And Don’t Even Know It. How to Get Rid of Grain Weevils:


There are some realities, like death and taxes that are emotionally difficult to comprehend. Grain weevils in your rice container also falls into this tragic category.

These horrors eat whole and processed grains, nuts and seeds. You may have thought it was a good idea to buy that giant bag of granola 6 months ago, but you were very wrong. The real traumatizing factor of the grain weevil is that it can live and lay its eggs in your grains. While you probably won’t get sick from eating weevil larvae, you’re still eating bugs, and I’m pretty sure that’s enough of a reason to feel a little queasy. When the weevil larvae hatch in the grains, you have a nasty large-scale infestation on your hands.

Should you find yourself in this unfortunate situation, do not resort to tears. Instead follow these steps (and remember, being meticulous is a good thing):

1. Throw just about everything soft in your pantry away.
            If there is a plastic or cardboard package in your pantry, you don’t want to keep it. Weevils can fly and move easily from one food source to another, so if you keep any potential weevil residential areas, you could have a second future infestation on your hands. Also, don’t throw the food away in the kitchen. Take the pantry contents immediately outside to keep the bugs from getting to the rest of your house.

2. Clean out the shelves.
            You can use eucalyptus, tea-tree oil or other disinfecting cleaners to clean the area to get rid of weevil remnants. Once the food is out of the pantry, you can use CB-80 to kill any grain weevils that may be hard or impossible to reach. You can order CB-80 from our BugMasterDIY online store.

3. Put your food in thick containers and put it back in the pantry.
            While grain weevils can chew through cardboard and thin plastic, they can’t eat their way into food in a sealed glass jar or thick plastic container. Keeping your food in these containers can prevent another grain weevil infestation.

4. Take some preventative pest control measures.
When you are buying grains at the grocery store, check out the packaging. If it has small holes in the plastic, steer clear. You won’t be able to tell if grain weevils have gotten into packaging that a cardboard box, but take a look when you get home. Then when you get home, put your grains in thick containers. Also, grain weevils don’t like bay leaves, so you can put a leaf in each food bag that a grain weevil may consider a potentially nice home. Also, don’t keep grains for long periods of time, and clean your pantry relatively regularly.

While the thought of grain weevils can be uncomfortable, there are measures you can take to prevent these pests from taking over your kitchen. Then you will be able to peacefully eat your morning oatmeal while you read a newspaper (or iPad) containing the more unsettling issues of the world.

Still can’t solve this nasty nuisance, well maybe it’s time to talk to BugMaster about your pest problems and pest solutions, call BugMaster’s Mobile HQ – 251-66-4402, BugMaster DIY – 251-626-6667, or visit

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One Response to Your Eating Bugs And Don’t Even Know It. How to Get Rid of Grain Weevils:

  1. me says:

    thanks, i’ve been searching the internet to find out what these tiny, black, hard bugs are that at first looked like they had pincers on their snouts, but they are black wheat weevils. they crawl up my walls and i just found one on my lap!!!! when you try to crush them they just get back up and crawl away, VERY hard shells! i have to dig my nails in (with a tissue of course) and pop their heads off to kill them. i’ve only seen one every few days for the past week so i don’t think we have an infestation, still i don’t like seeing any little black bugs crawling up the wall or in my lap!

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