Bad Luck Insects You Don’t Need


Well, here it is upon us again. That superstitious day that only comes around 2 or 3 times a year. Yes, Friday the 13th. Wether you believe in luck or not, the day always causes some to stop and think, is it because it’s Friday the 13th?

Folklore claims that certain insects could perform an action and control our fate. We are definitely not Paraskevidekatriaphobics, people who are afraid of superstitions, but we couldn’t help but find some of these old tales amusing.

Bees were once believed to be messengers to the gods and therefore when someone died, the bee hives would be shaken and carry the message of death to them. Hopefully, the person who does the hive shaking was a fast runner!

Did you know that back in the day it was believed that if someone found a spider crawling on them, it was considered good luck? Or if you killed a spider it would bring you bad luck? Obviously they have never seen Arachnaphobia!

Good thing BugMaster doesn’t believe in such theories and is happy to come handle all your pest needs, so you can stop worrying and get back to relaxing.

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About BugMasterMobile

BugMaster Exterminator, Inc, located in Mobile and Baldwin County Alabama, is a locally owned and operated pest control, termite, and wildlife extraction company since 1975. And with over 40 years experience in the pest control industry we realize the importance of a company’s commitment to quality, professional personnel, proactive programs and innovative products. BugMaster complies with all relevant state required health and safety regulations. As required by the State of Alabama, we not only carry liability insurance, but we are also bonded. We offer our total satisfaction guarantee with your regularly scheduled treatments. BugMaster will make sure you the job is done right and thorough. Because we hold our company and our team to uncompromising standards of quality, we at BugMaster work collectively and personally to guarantee that your quality of service is the BEST in Mobile, Alabama and Baldwin County. BugMaster Specializes In: * Residential * AIB Facilities * Healthcare * Hospitality Industry * Food Service * Property Management * Retail * Municipal Transportation * Small Business * Schools/Universities * Manufacturing * Food & Beverage * Processing * Warehouse * Marine As the Premier pest control Provider for our area we at BugMaster can meet all your local and regional pest needs.
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