Christmas Decorating Without the Bugs


Tis the Season to go into the basements, attics, garages or storage sheds to pull out all of the Christmas decor you have been secretly wanting to put up all year long. Time to untangle yet another light strand and install nature front and center in your living room. We want you to have a humbug free Christmas, so here are a few tips that will help keep pests from giving you a blue blue Christmas.

  • Inspect your tree carefully at the time of purchase. Look for webs, white dust-like residue on the needles, bore holes in the trunk, and small bird nests hidden among the branches (they may contain mites). If you see any of these signs, move on and look for a different tree.
  • Before you bring your tree indoors, shake it vigorously. This will dislodge debris like pollen, dust and dead needles.
  • As an extra step (for those in warmer climates), you may also want to spray the tree down with a garden hose and allow it to dry before bringing it inside.
  • If you see insects, don’t squish them. Many insects (especially aphids) will leave dark colored stains on your carpet and furniture if you squash them. A better alternative is to suck them up using a vacuum with a hose attachment.
  • DON’T apply insecticides of any kind to your tree. They are toxic and can cause harm to your family members-even when initially applied outdoors.
  • When bringing out the decorations, check boxes and packaging for moisture and damage, it could be signs of unwelcome intruders.

Combine these few helpful tips with a cup of eggnog or two and everyone will be rockin’ around the Christmas tree.

We wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Bug Free New Year!

At BugMaster, we can help you keep your home protected. If you see insects or rodents when you start decorating, give us a call at the Mobile location, 251-666-4402 or the Daphne location, 251-626-6667.

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BugMaster Exterminator, Inc, located in Mobile and Baldwin County Alabama, is a locally owned and operated pest control, termite, and wildlife extraction company since 1975. And with over 40 years experience in the pest control industry we realize the importance of a company’s commitment to quality, professional personnel, proactive programs and innovative products. BugMaster complies with all relevant state required health and safety regulations. As required by the State of Alabama, we not only carry liability insurance, but we are also bonded. We offer our total satisfaction guarantee with your regularly scheduled treatments. BugMaster will make sure you the job is done right and thorough. Because we hold our company and our team to uncompromising standards of quality, we at BugMaster work collectively and personally to guarantee that your quality of service is the BEST in Mobile, Alabama and Baldwin County. BugMaster Specializes In: * Residential * AIB Facilities * Healthcare * Hospitality Industry * Food Service * Property Management * Retail * Municipal Transportation * Small Business * Schools/Universities * Manufacturing * Food & Beverage * Processing * Warehouse * Marine As the Premier pest control Provider for our area we at BugMaster can meet all your local and regional pest needs.
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